Cannes Lions Official Wrap-Up Report 2022. An insight-packed wrap-up of Cannes Lions 2022, in partnership with TikTok.

Everything you need to know to action the Festival’s key insights

Lion-winning entries, the inside track from jurors and phenomenal expert speakers. All of this is an essential diet if you’re looking to get a headstart on your business plans for 2023. At Cannes Lions, we delivered it all for our delegates. But if you missed some or all of the Festival, we’ve got you covered with the official Cannes Lions Wrap-up Report, in partnership with TikTok.

We’ve watched more than 170 talks, analysed 826 winning Lions from 44 countries and interviewed more than 70 Jury Presidents, jurors and winners to discover what’s at the heart of making exceptional work. And we’ll update you on the trends and insights you need to know now to future proof your businesses.

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